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At Created Brilliance we take pride in the quality and quantity of our diamond selections. We have been a trustworthy source in the diamond industry for over 30 years and believe in the personal relationships we build with our clients.

Due to our industry knowledge and experience, our exceptional customer service and relationships, and our earned client trust, we are one of the leading lab grown diamond companies. We are here to help you.

Lab-Grown Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds combine technological innovation and years of research to replicate the mined, naturally crystalized diamond. Lab grown diamonds endure the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process and the High Pressure Temperature Process to create a diamond that is physically, optically, and chemically identical as a mined diamond. The advanced technology allows for a diamond seed to be pressurized and bind to carbon atoms to then form the diamond lattice crystal structure seen in mined diamonds. The finished product is a roughly grown, exquisite diamond that is finally cut and polished to the highest specifications.

The sole difference between the diamond creation processes is that lab grown diamonds are created above Earth’s surface. The process is quicker and therefore more financially optimal. The controlled environment, similar to that of a greenhouse for flowers, allows for responsible and ethical diamond production. These diamonds are untouched by human rights abuses and are eco-friendly, harnessing less power than the mining process. By choosing a lab grown diamond, you’re getting more than just a pure diamond and its brilliance; you’re getting a diamond that radiates sustainability and social responsibility.